Vaessen-Schoemaker acquires a majority stake in Agersol

Vaessen-Schoemaker completed the acquisition of a majority stake in Agersol Sp. z o.o. (“Agersol”). Katowice area-based, Agersol is a Polish producer of innovative functional ingredients for meat applications and predominantly focuses on the production of alginate-gel based casings. Agersol has a strong presence in Central Eastern Europe and North-America.

Vaessen-Schoemaker’s heritage.
Through the acquisition, Vaessen-Schoemaker adds highly innovative alginate (casings) technology to its portfolio of functional ingredients for meat, vegetarian, seafood and bakery application segments and is able to better serve its customers active in these markets. With over 70 of years experience in the field of functional solutions, casings activities have been an important part of Vaessen-Schoemaker’s heritage. Its predecessors owned a large artificial casings processing company in The Netherlands and a natural casings factory in Portugal. With this heritage and the full support of the experts of Agersol, Vaessen-Schoemaker is able to further grow with innovative and high-quality casings solutions.






Vaessen-Schoemaker is passionate about being the best.
The transaction gives Vaessen-Schoemaker access to another differentiating technology platform and allows Agersol to utilise and benefit from the strong commercial European network of Vaessen-Schoemaker. The complementary businesses are supported by a shared and common practice of; “thriving to be better every day”. Agersol will continue to operate as a stand-alone production company to keep the focus on the development of alginate based casings.

Ad de Haas, Managing Director and owner of Vaessen-Schoemaker states: “Alginate casing solutions are designed for sausage production using co-extrusion and are an alternative to other systems such as natural casings, collagen casings, and form the only existing basis for a purely vegetarian casing solution. With both the market for sausages as the market for vegetarian products showing strong growth, the potential is significant.”

Tomasz Wcislo, Director of Agersol adds: “with the increasing demand for more convenience foods, our AgerGel has proven to be instrumental in meat snacks, with great appearance such as creating good looking twisted and linked sausage ends, and thereby outperforming other solutions.