Trends: change is constant

Usually at the beginning of the year we see all the ‘trends for the coming year reports’ popping up from all the media that write about the food industry. Already for years we see approximately the same trends persisting, often in a new form, different nuances, but they are all about natural, green, clean label, tasty, indulgent, safe, trustworthy – you name it.

We at Vaessen-Schoemaker try to be ahead of the trends. We see one trend being centric of all of them; CHANGING EATING HABITS. We see it happening in all the main regions we are active: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

We see a younger group of consumers becoming more dominant. Apartments without decent kitchens were in the past something one could only see in London or New York, now you also have them in Zoetermeer, Katowice or Kigali.

Eating is really not something anymore that happens three times a day. Currently we are at an average of seven eating moments. Millennials are having even an average of eleven eating moments per day.

This influences everything. With the changing eating habits there is a need for new concepts:

  • Smaller pack sizes
  • Multi-component and hybrid concepts
  • Different ways of preparation
  • New supply chains
  • New food safety challenges
  • Expectations of taste, health and quality

All in all: exciting times are ahead of us. Together with you we would like to develop new concepts in line with all these developments!