Trends: anticipating on individual needs and wishes

Food waste, digital and online innovations and consumer values are expected to drive some of the major food trends in 2018, according to an IFIC survey. As the values and choices move to the forefront in the consumer decisions what to purchase and consume, we have to anticipate to a market in line with their individual needs and wishes.

These developments make that Vaessen-Schoemaker sees a shift in the range of products. An increasing demand for clean label, allergen-free but at the same time tasteful and indulging products have resulted in several new concepts for the convenience industry.

Filling & Topping_1

Vaessen-Schoemaker adds value to your product so you can distinguish yourself in this competitive market. Whether it’s about the perfect cheese filling oozing at the right time, yeast-free dough products, gluten-free puff pastry or a peanut-free satay sauce. Of course our industrial bakery and convenience concepts meet all well-known requirements, such as clean label, allergen-free or gluten-free. These days, allergens are something to be aware of. Vaessen-Schoemaker therefore developed a gluten-free puff pastry which is nice and crispy and can be produced on an industrial line.

Besides that, with more (convenience) food being consumed on-the-go, we see an increased demand for clean label preservation, as made possible with our Vascan range.

More information about these new concepts? See our website for the latest bakery and convenience innovations. Or contact your Sales Manager.