The vegan market continues to grow – we fuel growth with new concepts

NEW: a soy free range suitable for cold and warm end products.

An increasing number of people skip meat products in their eating habits from time to time. After our ‘Green Premiere’ at IFFA, we are continuously developing alternative protein products. We keep improving our vegan product ranges in order to come up with innovative concepts. Many of our clients already use our sustainable concepts.

Recent reports show that consumer demand for meat analogues keeps growing. Whether it is for environmental or health reasons, these alternatives primarily need to be tasty and indistinguishable from original products. And preferably also vegan.

In line with these trends we have developed a new solution: a vegan and soy-free productrange. Discover new possibilities for the veg(an) market.


VascoVegaTM – the benefits

  • Excellent taste and texture.
  • Applicable in nuggets, burgers and sausages: unleash your creativity!
  • Suitable for warm (vegan) and cold (vegetarian) end products
  • Easy to use: VascoVegaTM, water and texturate
  • No investments required: suitable for production on existing (forming) lines

This is a great example of a unique meat analogue. Besides, we focus on developing sustainable vegetable concepts. We look forward to co-creating new products with you!

Feel free to contact our sales team to discover the possibilities, discuss a demo or request info.

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