The future of meat is green

Vaessen-Schoemaker unveiled the Premier of it’s Green Alternative to the most classic meat product

Beat cooking losses and improve your margins

Companies are continuously challenged by drip and cooking losses in their production process. Vaessen-Schoemaker offers you the right solutions to improve your product yield. More and more, poultry is prepared to become an ingredient for mainstream convenience products. Therefore, cooking yields are becoming even more important. Vaessen-Schoemaker developed a new, E-number free range of Natuvas™ injection and tumbling products with Yield on Green weight performance of over 100%, even with core temperatures of >82c. Use of our products ensures high quality end products with excellent taste and bite. Last but not least, our products have a comparable cost-in-use to phosphate brines. All our solutions are cost effective and natural.

Convenience and snacking

Vaessen-Schoemaker aspires a future where meat can be combined with ‘green’. By unveiling our newest innovations we show that ‘green’ exists besides meat an can be used as a valuable addition to your existing product ranges.

Vaessen-Schoemaker is all about developing innovative convenience and snacking products. During IFFA 2019 we will introduce our newest concepts. These concepts allow you to differentiate your products while preserving taste and improving yield.

Sous vide concepts

Cooking times for sous vide pork dishes are challenging. Slow cooking processes allow for tender meat with excellent taste. What if you could not only shorten cooking time, but also securing optimal tenderization and taste? It is possible now! Vaessen-Schoemaker offers a new concepts that significantly reduces cooking times of meat while keeping it very tender.

Sous vide pork

Double burger concepts

Our double burger concept allows you to provide your customers with unique, differentiating products. What about a vegetarian ‘chicken’ type burger with a Tex-Mex style topping? Our concepts offer an excellent taste and allow for endless combinations of ingredients. Also, by incorporating these in your production processes you prepare your business for a sustainable future.

Double burger Tex Mex

Green snacking basket

Discover a new way of healthy snacking. We show vegetarian concepts. One of these is our snacking basket containing high vegetable snacking nuggets. Convenience has never been so ‘green’.

Green snack basket

Caeser Salad

Meat can be the star of your Caesar salad. Discover new ways of making your Caesar salad more appetizing. This concept contains high cooking yield chicken and bacon with a strongly reduced salt level and excellent taste.

Caesar salad

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