More and more we see innovation in functionality and taste going together. Appearance, aroma, taste, performance over it’s shelf life: it all adds up to a consumer preference. With our VascoTaste line we offer great taste experiences and appearance. It is a range of dry applicable marinade systems, that offers a glazy appearance throughout its shelf life. Our marinade will result in attractive, tasty products. During the entire shelf life, the marinade presents attractively by adhering to the surface of the product. Our dry glazes, unlike oil-based marinades, allow you to have a very attractive product presentation due to its excellent drip-loss reducing properties.

Our VascoTaste range fits perfectly in your current marination or tumbling systems. Our dry glaze, enables you to ban oil marinades, which results in:

  • Easily processable marinades in your production facility
  • Less costs and time for cleaning
  • Fast changeover times
  • Longer shelf life due to a dry powder concept
  • Optimal condition for functional solutions


  • Mediterranean marinade
    Taste this perfect blend of herbs and imagine yourself in a French bistro.
  • Asian Sensation marinade
    For real curry lovers the taste of versatile and authentic Asian kitchen.
  • Hot & Spicy marinade
    Spice up your senses.
  • Winzer marinade
    A tasteful pepper experience, with a deep red colour.
  • And more flavours upon request