Taste from within

Create consumer preference for your product.

Eating behaviour is changing rapidly. With the increase of convenience food, also the consumption of cold, cooked chicken is increasing. Chicken is used to complete salads, sandwiches, wraps and so on. Unfortunately, this cooked cold chicken very often lacks the distinct taste of chicken to complete your creations.

Chicken meat has a healthy image and is a key ingredient in many dishes, but when it is consumed cold the flavour of chicken can be much stronger. Consumers experience texture and it is visually attractive, but it lacks the distinct taste of cooked chicken meat. With our solution Taste From Within we can bring back the authentic chicken taste to cold and warm meat.

Besides supporting the taste of chicken, we can also add a cooking profile to simplify your cooking process:

  • Boiled
  • Roast
  • Dark roast

A better tasting product.

In stead of working on aroma, or ‘smell’ we can support the taste formation profile of the meat, allowing a stronger taste when the applications are prepared. Also, you are able to skip costly process steps, like grilling.

Taste From Within brings you:

  • Deep marination with taste
  • Adding a cooking taste to your product
  • A reduction of the cooking time and thus reducing losses

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