Sustainable concepts for the meat processing industry

Discover our latest concepts that aid businesses in securing a sustainable position within the meat processing industry. By introducing five new concepts we encourage our customers to come up with new and differentiating products. All our concepts perfectly fit in a meat production environment using existing equipment.

We show you our latest sustainable concepts and use our technologies to create sustainable solutions together with you.

We are looking forward to co-create new products with you!

The GREEN premiere – vegan sausage

For centuries people have been eating sausages, turning it to the most developed meat product of all time. In line with this innovative character and current consumer trends, we have developed a high vegetable vegan sausage! This sausage with Frankfurter-type texture contains up to 70% vegetables and has an Agergel alginate casing. Depending on your taste preference, we are able to create unique and sustainable products together with you.

Vaessen-Schoemaker is your partner for co-creating innovative and sustainable concepts.

Key Benefits

  • Vegan sausage with up to 70% vegetables
  • Create your own style by choosing different fillings and sausage sizes
  • Suitable for high speed production on existing meat systems

Vaessen-Schoemaker’s added value.
VascoVega VGN – a vegan ingredient system for excellent binding, forming and taste
Agergel – a very strong and flexible alginate casing

IFFA 2019 - Demo

At IFFA 2019 we demonstrated our latest concept using existing meat production systems. The production of this vegan sausage concept is possible in different lengths and diameters.

Feel free to use your own ingredients with this concept.


    Double burger

    This concept allows your business to come up with differentiating products that are suitable for mainstream consumer adoption. A burger (meat or meat analogue) and a patty of delightful vegetables, all to be produced on regular forming lines. Our double burger concept distinguishes itself from regular meat analogues by combining unique and great tasting ingredients. We developed and created three unique examples for this concept: Tex-Mex, carrot style and spinach with beans. With this concept, you are able to create unique products by using different styles of bases and toppings.

    Key Benefits

    • Plant or meat base patty
    • Create your own unique and differentiating toppings
    • Cold-formable concept for improved production efficiency

    Vaessen-Schoemaker’s added value.

    VascoVega PT VEG – poultry type dough system for structure, binding, taste and masking off-notes
    VascoFill Red Vegetable CFR – cold formable vegetable filling


    Green snacking nuggets

    This concept contains three alternatives to meat snacks and provide you with an opportunity to create a great variety in snacks. We developed a high vegetable nugget with a >70% spinach filling, a plant-based nugget with poultry type structure and taste and a chili cheese nugget with bell peppers and jalapeño filling. All these products are producible on conventional meat systems, offer excellent taste and are ovenable.

    Key Benefits

    • Create unique snacks by choosing your own filling and batter
    • Cold-formable concept for improved production efficiency
    • Convenient snacks with sensational taste

    Vaessen-Schoemaker’s added value.

    VascoFill CFR Spinach – cold formable vegetable filling
    VascoVega PT VEG – poultry type structure
    VascoFill CFR Cheese – cold formable vegetable filling


    Cooking time reduction: sous-vide or just tender

    This concept allows for a cooking time reduction up to 75% while preserving excellent taste and tenderness. Sous-vide, long and slow cooked product gain popularity because of their tenderness and rich taste. However, in the food industry there is not always time for long production processes. We developed a solution to overcome the negative effects of long cooking processes while maintaining overwhelming tenderness, taste and texture.

    Key Benefits

    • Up to 75% reduction in cooking time and energy consumption
    • Increased tenderness and excellent taste
    • Works with existing production systems through injection and tumbling

    Vaessen-Schoemaker’s added value.

    All natural, clean label injection products:
    – Natuvas™
    – Alomine™
    VascoTender system


    High cooking yield chicken

    Processing chicken is often challenged by suboptimal cooking yields. Our technologies deliver a yield on green weight of 100% after cooking at a core temperature of 82°C while improving taste and product safety. Thanks to our different cooking profiles, you can easily create unique characteristics for your chicken products. This concept is applicable to your production process through injection, colouring and cooking.

    Key Benefits

    • Yield on green weight of (>) 100%
    • Shorter cooking times
    • Clean label and free of E numbers

    Vaessen-Schoemaker’s added value.

    Natuvas™ – E number free system for extra high cooking yields
    Taste from Within technology for rich taste and unique chicken roast
    VascoColor for a natural roasted appearance

    Low salt bacon

    Bacon is all about indulgence and great taste. However, bacon is often linked to high sodium levels and is widely recognized for its negative impact on health. With our low salt bacon concept, we enable you to produce excellent tasting bacon with a significantly reduced salt level. With our concept, we achieve a 30% reduction of sodium levels. Additionally, by applying our Taste from Within technology we restore the rich taste of bacon.

    Key Benefits

    • 30% reduced sodium level
    • Excellent salty taste
    • Applicable through injection, curing, smoking and cooking

    Vaessen-Schoemaker’s added value.

    Alomine™ injection system – low sodium
    Taste from Within technology for a rich, complex and deep taste

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