Reduce risk of a recall

The extension of shelf-life is a feature which can be incorporated into our functional solutions or added seperately. The Vascan range is composed of both clean label ingredients and food additive preservations and antioxidants. It provides the product with an extended shelf-life, through microbial reduction, pathogen elimination and antoxidation against rancidity.

Vascan 6020: A traditional shelf life extender, reduces the internal cell pH and the acid dissociation occurs within the cell, which results in a reduction of the availability of ATP (energy) required for microbial growth.

Suitable applications: meat preparations, (non)heat-treated processed meat

Vascan 6030: (clean label): Limits the growth of pathogens and spoilage bacteria. Furthermore it is very neutral in taste and pH which ensures there is no effect on the drip loss and taste of fresh meat.

Suitable applications: all food categories

Vascan 6042: Is bactericidal(killing) against most spoilage bacteria, yeasts, moulds and pathogens.

Suitable applications: heat-treated processed meat

Vascan 6044: Interferes with the cellular membrane of micro-organisms, which reduces growth and has a bactericidal effect.

Suitable applications: heat-treated processed meat (except emulsified sausages, smoked sausages and liver paste)