Industrial fillings for the bakery, convenience and poultry processing industry

The bakery experts of Vaessen-Schoemaker have combined functionality with taste in a wide range of industrial fillings and toppings for the bakery, convenience and poultry processing industry. Functionality in terms of bake and freeze stability. Exactly what consumers want: oozing at the right time. Various flavour profiles are available, from savoury fillings like fresh cheese with herbs to sweet fillings like fruit filling, chocolate and cheese cake. Ofcourse we can customize the fillings according to your requirements. Most of our fillings are also available in a clean label version. Our industrial fillings can be applied to versatile bakery snacks (like filled croissants or filled rolls), as a topping on baguettes or hamburgers or as a filling in meat (co-extrusion).

Co-extrusion – the way of making differentiating concepts

Multi-component food is an excellent way to meet surging demand in snacking and grazing concepts.

We see intense interest in filled products. One example is filled meatballs, whether from meat or from a plant-based dough. Sauce inside the meat ball: creating endless ways to make new products. It’s a challenging process though: shrinking properties of meat, a sauce at the right temperature, nicely oozing when cutting, not leaking. Vaessen-Schoemaker just created the ideal system for the meat, the filling, and for co-extrusion and lamination lines.

    Industrial fillings

    The ideal combination between culinary experience, ease-of-use and thermostability: VascoFill.

    Industrial fillings for the bakery: easy-to-use, cost-efficient and great taste

    Our bakery experts have developed fillings which are also available in clean label. Absolutely bake-stable and with a full and rich flavour. VascoFill is freeze-thaw stable and is excellent for use in industrial preparation of all imaginable bakery snacks, from filled (cheese) rolls, topping on baguettes or hamburgers, savoury Danish and puff pastries, to filled croissants.

    Our filling concepts form a stable basis for products to which your own signature ingredients can be added. Various flavour profiles are available. Our most successful savoury fillings at this moment are: our economic and superior (cream) cheese fillings, spinach with white cheese, fresh cheese with herbs. In addition, we also have sweet fillings like chocolate, fruit and cheese cake.

    Industrial fillings

    Different variations of fillings

    Tailored to your needs

    Depending to your process or your requirements, we offer three variations of fillings:

    • Ready-to-use fillings (liquid or pellets)
      Easy-to-use filling, no mixing at all, so no production mistakes.
    • All-in powder fillings
      Very easy process, full and creamy texture with nice flavour profile(s) and very economical in use compared to ‘real’ cheese.
    • Powder fillings
      Easy to process, full and rich texture due to additional garnish and very economical in use.

    Industrial fillings for the poultry and meat processing industries

    Oozing at the right time

    Our filling solutions offer the opportunity for differentiation and variation in the meat segment. Our bake- and freeze-stable fillings offer our customers the option of adding taste, nutrition and experience to their products. Our VascoFill is available in different flavour profiles and can be customized to any preference.

    Industrial fillings for convenience

    Make your plant-based product more appetizing

    Vegetarian, flexitarian, carnivore you name it: they all want convenience products that are attractive. We have created concepts with different kinds of textures, with sliceable sauces that are convenient in your production, creating multi-texture masterpieces. Toppings, fillings, high vegetable inclusions – you name it – easy applicable in current production lines. In line with today’s and tomorrow’s taste trends.

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