Dry marinade, for a great taste experience and appearance without oil in your production.

Vaessen-Schoemaker is offering a new range of functional dry marinades for fresh poultry, meat and fish products. Using our VascoTaste on your fresh products will result in attractive, tasty products as if they were glazed. VascoTaste products blend in perfectly with our Alomine and Natuvas ranges for fresh products. During the entire shelf-life, the marinade adheres to the surface of the product so it can be presented attractively. Our dry marinade concepts, unlike oil-based marinades, allow you to have a very attractive product presentation due to their excellent drip loss reducing properties. VascoTaste is available in different flavour profiles, such as Mediterranean, Asian Sensation and Hot & Spicy. We are also capable of letting your product shine after cooking.

Dry marinade concept uses moisture from the shrimps or your process

From ‘just’ shrimps to a meal centerpiece.

With our VascoTaste range, we bring you a premium visual and sensory performance. Add value to your shrimps and improve your margins. Our dry marinade concept prevents moisture in the packaging. VascoTaste is an easy applicable marinade, enabling you to ban oil marinades and resulting in less cost and time for cleaning, fast changeover times and a longer shelf-life due to a dry powder concept.

Example of oil marinade replacement with VascoTaste:

• Oil marinade cost in use ~ € 0,40/kg. shrimps. VascoTaste ~ € 0,20/ kg. shrimps
• Savings when using VascoTaste per 100.000 kg. shrimps: € 20.000 without any investments

dry marinade chicken filet
dry marinade

A true taste experience

Without oil in your production.

Our dry marinade concepts give you a clean production facility with an even more shiny appearance than oil marinade. Upgrade your products with our VascoTaste and save up to 40%. Our VascoTaste range is perfectly applicable in your current marination or tumbling systems. Our dry marinades mean you can now ban oil marinades, resulting in:

Our dry marinades enable you to ban oil marinades, which results in:

  • Easily processable marinades in your production facility
  • Less cost and time for cleaning
  • Fast changeover times
  • Longer shelf-life due to a dry powder concept
  • Optimal condition for functional solutions

Flavour profiles:

  • Mediterranean marinade
    Taste this perfect blend of herbs and imagine yourself in a French bistro
  • Asian Sensation marinade
    For real curry lovers the taste of a versatile and authentic Asian kitchen
  • Hot & Spicy marinade
    Spice up your senses
  • Winzer marinade
    A tasteful pepper experience, with a deep red colour
  • And more flavours upon request

Example cost in use reduction (%) of VascoTaste in comparison to an oil based marinade

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