Our Sausage Solution – The Alternative fresh Sausage

Combining our Agergel with an improved meat dough stability. For an optimized juicier and tastier fresh sausage.

We proudly present our concept of the alternative fresh sausage

Due to known issues with natural casings more and more fresh sausage producers are looking for alternatives to natural casings. Over the years, we’ve been developing the perfect alternative based on alginate. If you are interested in these product and production efficiency improvements; Vaessen-Schoemaker is your partner.
We now proudly present our concept of the alternative fresh sausage;

For 75 years we have been developing solutions for the sausage industry– we know the inside and the outside. In this solution we use AgerGel RC01 – our improved alginate casing with the appearance of a natural casing, both cooked as uncooked. Compared to natural casings, an alginate casing is 100% plant-based, offers a lower cost-in-use and a high speed continuous production process.

Agergel RC01

Key benefits

  • Superior cost-in-use compared to natural casings
  • Suitable for high speed continuous production, twisting and linking on co-extrusion lines
  • 100% plant-based (vegan) casing
  • Perfect casing adhesion and browning during preparation
  • Improved appearance and bite
  • Price stability
  • One ready-to-use gel suitable for different types of calibres
  • Developed for fresh and chipolata sausages


Combining AgerGel RC01 with our clean label Natuvas™ solution for meat dough stability, we have been able to upgrade moisture retention on the inside while creating perfect casing adhesion on the outside. This results in less shrinkage and drip loss during preparation, delivering a juicier, tastier sausage for the consumer while creating the perfect bite and appearance.

With our Sausage Solution we are able to develop with you the perfect alternative for the fresh sausage in natural casing. With the added benefit that co-extrusion offers an unmatched production efficiency that will have a fast payback time. Combined or separately, our ingredients offer a great way to upgrade your current sausage range.


With our Handtmann ConPro system on-site, we love to work with you on this!


Vaessen-Schoemaker can assist in any part of your production process. From co-creating differentiating sausage concepts, speeding up your development process or helping to improve your yields. Challenge us!

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