Our Natuvas Solution: Minimalize your drip loss while optimizing the holding time

Minimalize your drip loss while optimizing the holding time resulting in great tasting and juicy end products for consumers.

How to minimalize drip loss and improve yield is a continuous topic for the food industry, whereas retailers and home delivery services are focusing on how to optimize holding time while preserving a great taste. With Natuvas we offer one solution to both problems.

Our Natuvas solution is a clean label product which provides optimal taste and juiciness in end products while increasing the shelf-life. In raw products it minimalizes drip loss resulting in cleaner containers and excellent succulence throughout the entire shelf-life. After preparation Natuvas ensures that products retain their taste and juiciness during the entire holding time while keeping coatings crispy.

Key benefits

  • Excellent juiciness during shelf-life and holding time
  • Minimal (thaw) drip loss, clean packages during product lifetime
  • Crispy coatings due to excellent moisture retention during cooking
  • Great tasting products; even when consumed cold
  • Improved yield
  • Easily applicable in existing production system

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Our Natuvas formula can be specifically tailored to your products and is suitable for both meat, poultry and fish products. Our solutions are suitable for injection, dipping and tumbling. In combination with our Taste from Within product range, you can further intensify the taste experience with a variety of different cooking flavour profiles (e.g. roasted and boiled).

Together with our clients and partners we create optimized shelf-life and holding times, resulting in great tasting, juicy and tender end products for consumers.

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