The way of making differentiating concepts

Functionality combined with taste

The bakery experts of Vaessen-Schoemaker have combined functionality with taste in a wide range of industrial fillings and toppings for the bakery, convenience and meat processing industry. Functionality in terms of bake and freeze stability. Exactly what consumers want: oozing at the right time, great taste and a fantastic appearance. Various flavour profiles are available, […]

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Multi component food is the way of making differentiating concepts

We see a high interest in filled products. One example is filled meat balls. Sauce inside the meat ball: creating endless ways to make new products. It is a challenging process though: shrinking properties of meat, a sauce at the right temperature, nicely oozing when cutting, not leaking… Vaessen-Schoemaker just created the ideal system, for […]

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Trends: change is constant

Changing eating habits

Usually at the beginning of the year we see all the ‘trends for the coming year reports’ popping up from all the media that write about the food industry. Already for years we see approximately the same trends persisting, often in a new form, different nuances, but they are all about natural, green, clean label, […]

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