Achieve over 100% yield on green weight with a clean label

Create juicy end products in line with the highest food safety standards.

What if you don’t need phosphate anymore to achieve a high cooking yield? With our improved NatuvasTM concepts, you can! This concept offers a threefold effect and is the substitute to phosphate. Based on recent scares in food safety, your customers demand a higher minimum core temperature of your cooked products. On the other hand, […]

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Taste from within

Restore or enhance the taste of meat 

Create consumer preference for your product. Eating behaviour is changing rapidly. With the increase of convenience food, also the consumption of cold, cooked chicken is increasing. Chicken is used to complete salads, sandwiches, wraps and so on. Unfortunately, this cooked cold chicken very often lacks the distinct taste of chicken to complete your creations. Chicken meat […]

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The way of making differentiating concepts

Functionality combined with taste

The bakery experts of Vaessen-Schoemaker have combined functionality with taste in a wide range of industrial fillings and toppings for the bakery, convenience and meat processing industry. Functionality in terms of bake and freeze stability. Exactly what consumers want: oozing at the right time, great taste and a fantastic appearance. Various flavour profiles are available, […]

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We make your products safer with Vascan

Ensure optimal food safety

The popularity of prepared meats is still increasing. A great opportunity for you, at the same time a big risk. During the slicing, before packaging, the risk of cross-contaminations is the highest. This is reflected in the number of recalls last year. Ensure optimal food safety, use Vascan. By using Vascan before or after your cooking process, after cutting […]

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