Food safety: regulatory enforcement increases

A great risk of cross-contimination

Despite the fact your HACCP-system is in good order and your production facility is clean, there is often still a great risk of cross-contimination. The popularity of prepared products is still increasing. A great opportunity for you, at the same time a big risk. During the slicing, before packaging, the risk of cross-contaminations is the highest. This is reflected in […]

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A great taste experience without oil in your production

From ‘just’ shrimps to a meal center piece

Dry marination using the moist of the shrimps or of your process. With our VascoTaste range we bring you: A premium visual and sensory performance An improved margin A dry marination, using the moist from the shrimps to create a coating, or by adding moist Preventing moisture in the packaging An easy applicable marinade, no […]

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Mussels deserve better

Increase the shelf-life of mussels (MAP)

With Vascan 6035 we bring you:
Longer fresh smell, Increase of shelf life, Less waste, Supply chain optimization.

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Reduce risk of a recall

The right answer to issues with bacteria, salmonella and listeria

The extension of shelf-life is a feature which can be incorporated into our functional solutions or added seperately.

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Liquid solutions

For your convenience

Since there is still market for liquid solutions we have upgraded and improved our liquid range for both fish and chicken applications. Obviously we have developed this liquid range considering the latest requirements, so this range is completely clean label. Nevertheless, the functionality has been retained. Even for the fish application, the yield is better […]

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