Mussels deserve better

How often do your fresh mussels end up in a bin unnecessary? Unfortunately we can’t affect the behaviour of consumers, but we can assure the most optimal condition of the mussels in packaging (MAP). Our newest Vascan product can organoleptically increase the shelf life of MAP/container bivalves for several days. By stopping the natural (protein) excretion from living mussels from rotting, Vascan naturaly prevents the formation of nasty smells.

Geen beschrijving

It’s a well-known problem for you and for the retailer: a consumer opens a package of mussels and a very unpleasant smell appears, which the consumer associates with spoilage of the mussels themselves. We know as well as you, that they are wrong. It’s just nature doing its job. The mussels are still alive in the package and they can and will release water containing dispersed and solubilised components into the package. These components can spoil rather quickly by micro-organisms which produce hydrogen sulphide (H2S), which provides a “fish/rotting” type of smell.

Vascan 6035 is an all natural preservative, which is very efficient at slowing down microbial growth in the excretion. This clever and innovative solution works by several mechanisms: decreasing the pH of the surrounding media, interferes with the cell wall of microorganisms, decrease the internal cell pH and by depleting the bacteria’s energy source. This leads to a drastic reduction of hydrogen sulphide gas formation, and therefore increases the shelf life of MAP/container bivalves for several days.