State-of-the-art food concepts

The world is changing faster than we could ever have imagined. Forced by a sad, worldwide pandemic affecting all our lives, we are now being faced with a new reality that also involves the food industry. Supply chains are disrupted and consumer behavior has changed overnight.

We cannot change the situation we are in. But we can do what we’ve been doing for 75 years – develop differentiating concepts. To help our customers adapt to this new reality, we will focus all our efforts to help them solving these challenges.

Value-adding concepts for all food industry segments

Discover our key concepts that function as building blocks for your segment strategies and help you add value to your business.

  • Renewed focus on retail
  • Challenges for home delivery
  • Operational excellence
  • Differentiation

Challenges for Home Delivery

Everyone wants to take a share of the rapidly expanding home-delivery market. However, a lot of these food products are a perfect fit for the convenience market, but unfortunately not home-delivery proof. This brings new product challenges regarding holding time, shelf life, you name it. We help you making these products fully home-delivery proof.

Operational Excellence

With this economic downturn, the sky is not the limit anymore and we are all looking for savings while feeding our population with good tasting and nutritionally sound food. Besides that, certain categories of our customer base are facing immense growth in demand. We are helping wherever we can in doing this efficiently with our services ranging from superior ingredient alternatives to cost-saving technologies.


More than ever, consumers are ready for change and are craving for new, inspirational and better food. We continue to launch new concepts, with a high proportion of vegan concepts. We offer a broad set of differentiating concepts and co-creation opportunities for all market segments. And as always, these are easy to implement and scale up on existing production lines in the industry.


Our Natuvas Solution

Minimalize your drip loss while optimizing the holding time resulting in great tasting and juicy end products for consumers

How to minimalize drip loss and improve yield is a continuous topic for the food industry, whereas retailers and home delivery services are focusing on how to optimize holding time while preserving a great taste. With Natuvas we offer one solution to both problems.

Our Natuvas solution is a clean label product which provides optimal taste and juiciness in end products while increasing the shelf-life. In raw products it minimalizes drip loss resulting in cleaner containers and excellent succulence throughout the entire shelf-life. After preparation Natuvas ensures that products retain their taste and juiciness during the entire holding time while keeping coatings crispy.

Key benefits

  • Excellent juiciness during shelf-life and holding time
  • Minimal (thaw) drip loss, clean packages during product lifetime
  • Crispy coatings due to excellent moisture retention during cooking
  • Great tasting products; even when consumed cold
  • Improved yield
  • Easily applicable in existing production system
BBQ Line-VascoVega concepts

Vegan BBQ

Tasty products for winter and summer BBQ’s

In line with concepts based on our building block principle, we have developed a unique vegan BBQ-line full of examples that could be created using our VascoVega building blocks. We can show you complete product concepts made of our building blocks that facilitate quick and excellent product development.

These vegan BBQ foods are perfectly suitable for tasty summer and winter BBQ’s and fully scalable for industrial food processors. Some products to inspire you:

  • Vegetable sausage
  • Vegan bratwurst
  • Burgers
  • Satay
  • Vegan mayonnaise
  • Vegan satay sauce

Besides food products for on the grill, we can assist you with the development of vegan fillings and sauces, such as vegan peanut-free satay sauce as well as sauces based on vegan mayonnaise. Get inspired and develop your own unique and tasty vegan BBQ (side) products!

Key benefits

  • Tasty vegan BBQ foods
  • Suitable for summer and winter BBQ
  • Rapid product development with our VascoVega line
  • Vegan sauces for on the side
  • Fully scalable for industrial production
  • Mainly palm-oil and soy-free concepts
Ager F03-meat-fat-replacer-concept-web

Ager F03

High-quality and price-stable meat and fat analogue

The food processing industry is always looking for smart and durable solutions to improve their business. We offer our alginate-based meat / fat analogue: Ager F03, a price-stable and high-quality alternative. It offers a threefold solution:

  • Meat & back fat / hard fat analogue suitable for application in all types of (vegetarian/vegan) cooked sausages, nuggets, emulsified products and minced meats by mixing Ager F03 with oil and water.
  • Upgrading meat trimmings to end products by mixing Ager F03 with meat and water.
  • Create new product value and upgrade production efficiency without any effect on the final product characteristics and appearance.

It is perfectly suitable for the production of meat specialties such as all types of sausages (classical or standard cooked, low fat, fitness, vegetarian/ vegan), emulsified products, minced meats, meat analogue or vegan products.

Customizable concept
Ager F03 can be customized by adding (animal) protein, color or flavor to it. Besides, it is suitable for sliced, minced and cubed application. This way, you can easily develop unique products that perfectly fit your specific market.

Key benefits

  • Cost-saving meat and fat analogue
  • Natural appearance and no off-taste
  • Excellent water retention in the end products
  • Does not shrink during processing
  • Easy process: no special equipment necessary
  • Free of allergens and GMO’s
Agerrest Schitzel - binding meat


Superior meat-binding alternative to transglutaminase (TG)

Efficiency and sustainability in food production processes are becoming increasingly more important. To add more value to your trimmings, we developed AgerRest: an innovative concept that contributes to high quality reconstructed meat products*. This highly innovative concepts allows for binding of  raw meat from pork, beef, poultry and salmon. AgerRest is completely tasteless and doesn’t require the use of salt or phosphates. End products containing AgerRest can be frozen, marinated and salted during thermal treatment.

*should be declared.

Key benefits

  • Better product performance and cost-in-use than TG
  • Creates the appearance of muscle meat using trimmings
  • Faster processing than TG
  • Highly stable during treatment
  • Suitable for various types of meat and applications

Vegan fish analogue concept

Creating a really good white-fish texture combined with a real ‘fishy’ taste is a challenge. This fish type plant-based concept comes with an adjustable ingredient composition, allowing you to easily create your own unique plant-based fish type products like fish type nuggets, fingers, sticks and batter fried fish. Our VascoVega concept is available as vegetarian or vegan. Also, it is free of soy and palm oil.

Key Benefits

  • Amazing glassy white fish taste and structure
  • Cold formable and ready for scalable production
  • Suitable for fish nuggets, fingers, sticks and batter fried fish.
  • Free of soy and palm oil
Agergel RC 01 alginate Sausage

Agergel RC01

Alginate casing for fresh sausage – closer to natural casing than ever

For some parts of the market, natural casings have been preferred for their appearance. We have been working very hard to create an alginate casing that matches the appearance of a natural casing. We did it with success! This is the result: Agergel RC01, an alginate casing with the appearance of a natural casing, both cooked as uncooked. This Agergel casing is 100% plant-based and perfectly suitable for continuous co-extrusion processing of all kinds of sausages. Agergel RC01 is the preferred product for product development and from an operational point of view.

Key benefits in product performance

  • Improved appearance: cooked and uncooked
  • Better taste, bite and juiciness
  • Specially developed for fresh, breakfast and chipolata type sausages
  • A more sustainable and much more cost effective alternative to natural casings

Key benefits in operational performance

  • Suitable for high speed continuous production, twisting and linking on co-extrusion lines
  • Superior cost-in-use to natural casings
  • Price stability
  • 1 ready-to-use gel suitable for different types of calibres

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