Innovative new concepts to improve the texture and tenderness of meat.

The products that are launched successfully in the market, are the products that stand out from the crowd. It’s about the repeat purchase of a consumer. Many consumers rate meat tenderness as the most important factor determining the quality of meat. In response to this, Vaessen-Schoemaker has launched a new concept: VascoTender – tenderisation of your beef (products). Organoleptic properties are not solely formed by taste: texture is definitely an important part of the equation, from the crispiness of a coating, to a good snap of a sausage, to tender and succulent chicken meat.

Tenderisation, a new innovative concept to add value to your products!

Tenderising involves breaking down the muscle fibres in the meat to soften the texture, making the meat easier to chew and taste better.

Even the toughest cuts of meat can be turned into succulent, juicy meals with the right product. With our bespoke enzymatic system, we are able to tenderise beef, and shorten cooking times for all kinds of meat.

    Texture of meat is an area of intensive research at the moment. We see a lot of developments. Actually, texture is highly influenced by the cooking method.

    A slow cooking process increases juiciness and tenderness, a hot fry with the right product results in crispiness, and cross-linking of protein creates the right bite.

    At Vaessen-Schoemaker, we combine technology, functional ingredients and knowledge to continuously provide you with the latest concepts. Some recent innovations:

    VascoTender - Slow Cooked

    The texture, mouthfeel of a slow-cooked product, without slow cooking. Our bespoke enzymatic system provides this sensation, while keeping processing times at normal levels.

    Pork fillet


    Clean-label injection, providing the optimal taste and juiciness in the end product, whether pork or chicken.

    Coated-chicken filet


    Differentiating coating systems, from gluten free to innovative appearance.

    Injected chicken fillet

    Accoline - clean label

    A phosphate-free binding system suitable for meat and convenience products. Providing the right mouthfeel.

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