Add taste for creating a consumer preference and improve the appearance of your product

The consumer has never been so demanding. The one who differentiates, wins the business, and forecasts the repeat purchase of the consumer. We specialize in creating differentiating concepts. That also means having tools for better taste, better appearance. Colour, smell, visual appearance – they all count. We combine technology, ingredients and knowledge to obtain the optimal product. Creating consumer preference to make your product stand out in a crowd by adding exquisite taste and superior appearance.

VascoTaste | for cooked meat

Within this concept we created a system that adds glazing properties for products that need to shine after cooking.

The American cooking style of meats is becoming global and consumers like the appearance and taste of freshly glazed products.

    At Vaessen-Schoemaker we combine technology, ingredients and knowledge to obtain the optimal taste and appearance. Some examples:

    dry marinade chicken filet


    Glazing for fresh meat, using a functional dry marinade

    No need to use oil marinades: VascoTaste absorbs the moisture from the meat or fish product or the moisture you added, making it the perfect glaze and coating system. Visually very attractive and the ideal way to add the marinade around a fresh product. Some of the standard tastes include Hot & Spicy, Winzer, Mediterranean or Asian Sensation.

    Chicken Wings Glaze


    For cooked meat

    Pre-cooked meats, such as salad meat, often desire a roasted appearance. However, that is not desired in processing facilities. We have created VascoColour: a product that creates the colour that you would normally get when grilling or roasting a chicken product.

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