Improve your supply chain with our shelf-life extender and reduce the risk of a recall

The terms shelf-life and preservation are used interchangeably, but they are two different things: ‘preservation’ is often more about food safety, while shelf-life extension also applies to the attractiveness of the product during shelf-life. Vaessen-Schoemaker can help you to extend the shelf-life of your products. The benefits are clear: a longer shelf-life makes your supply chain and the supply chain of your customers much easier to manage. Also, consumers perceive products with a longer shelf-life as higher quality. Depending on your labelling requirements, the shelf-life extender range is composed of clean label ingredients or food additive preservatives and antioxidants.

Vascan 6030 | Clean label shelf-life extender

Vascan 6030 (clean label): Limits the growth of pathogens and spoilage bacteria. Furthermore, it is very neutral in taste and pH, ensuring there is no effect on drip loss and adding a good taste to the product.

Suitable applications: all food categories.

    Shelf-life extension is something we often intrinsically build in to our products, for instance improving colour retention, anti-oxidation and physical appearance.

    But we also work on preservation.


    From surface treatment to reducing colony-forming unit

    Our shelf-life extender solutions offer the right solution to problems with bacteria, oxidation, salmonella and listeria. With our Vascan range, we bring you traditional shelf-life extenders, clean label solutions and a bactericidal preservatives.

    Up to a 48% longer shelf-life

    The extension of shelf-life is a feature which can be incorporated into our functional solutions or added separately. The Vascan range is composed of food additive preservations and antioxidants. It provides the product with an extended shelf-life, through microbial reduction, pathogen elimination and anti-oxidation against rancidity. In line with the growing demand for clean label food products, we have recently added Vascan 6030 and 6035. These solutions extend the shelf life of your application with a clean label declaration.

    Vascan 6020

    A traditional shelf-life extender reduces the internal cell pH and acid dissociation that occurs within the cell, resulting in a reduction of the availability of ATP (energy) required for microbial growth. Suitable applications: meat preparations, (non-)heat-treated processed meat.

    Vascan 6042

    Is bactericidal so combats most spoilage bacteria, yeasts, moulds and pathogens. Suitable applications: heat-treated processed meat.

    Vascan 6044

    Interferes with the cellular membrane of micro-organisms, reducing growth, and has a bactericidal effect. Suitable applications: heat-treated processed meat (except emulsified sausages, smoked sausages and liver paste).

    Effect of Vascan 6030 on the shelf life of injected chicken fillet.

    Effect of Vascan 6044 on cured ham innoculated with 7.0 log CFU/g Listeria monocytogenes at 4°C

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