Industrial fillings and toppings for meat, dough and plant-based products.

The products that are launched successfully in the market, are the products that stand out from the crowd. People have been filling puff pastry for decades, varying from cheese fillings to meat fillings. These days, multi-texture and multi-component products are going mainstream. Industrial filling is an art and a skill, in terms of creating the right taste, and having the skills to make it perfect, oozing at the right time and thermostable. In the product, on the product or as a layer in-between.

Co-extrusion: the next generation of filled products.

Combined with our expertise on binding proteins and creating dough, VascoFill enables us to create a delicious product for the optimum consumer experience in an, economically, safe and sound way.

How about meatballs with a spinach & mozzarella filling? Or a tex-mex chicken snack with a barbeque sauce?

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    VascoFill Ready to Use

    A filling specially designed for you, ready to be inserted in your production process, but maintaining the culinary character by the usage of fresh ingredients. Having the filling you want and need without the production worries.

    At Vaessen-Schoemaker we combine technology, ingredients and knowledge to obtain the best-tasting filling, not only in taste profile, but also with regards to mouthfeel, texture, smell, oozing properties and high-vegetable inclusions such as spinach. We create the on-trend product with you.

    That is what the consumer experiences. VascoFill also makes life easier for the producer of filled products with different preparation methods and forms and, if desired, without allergens such as lactose.

    VascoFill Topping

    VascoFill Concentrate

    The taste components, binding system, thermostability package in powder form, ready for you to easily create your fillings and add your signature ingredients. Maintaining flexibility in production by making your own filling at your own time, but with the culinary touch of using fresh ingredients.

    VascoFill All-In

    VascoFill All-In

    All the ingredients – cheese, for instance – in a powder form. Just add water and mix. Now your filling is ready. For optimal flexibility and convenience.

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