Improve taste and yield or extend the shelf-life of your products with our clean label solutions

Plenty has been said about the trend of clean label. The way we understand ‘clean label’ is that consumers can relate to the used ingredients. Many producers associate clean label with additional costs. We can clean up your label with only limited impact on the final product costs. We add value through injection and tumbling. Because the functionality is similar to the more traditional concepts, we still achieve the desired yield and desired cooking losses. We are proud to say that in many cases consumers prefer our clean-label solutions over our more traditional concepts.

Natural ingredients are less specific than their ‘artificial’ counterparts.

Because they are more complex in their structure, they offer more.

Our experience shows that clean-label products not only have comparable or better functionality and cost-in-use, but they also add more complexity in taste to your final applications.

    At Vaessen-Schoemaker we develop concepts with functional ingredients. In our opinion a clean-label brine is a starting point. Besides clean-label solutions for yield and tenderness, the added value also comes with a clean label.

    We take the final product as our starting point. When designing the final product, we understand your needs and know what functionalities are required to achieve these results. Because we focus on the end solution, we can select the right tools to achieve the required results.

    We have clean label solutions for:

    • Preservation
    • Natural taste
    • Appearance
    • Texture
    • Cooking losses

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