Batters and coatings to improve the bite and appearance of your products

Batters and coatings create the right bite for your products. A coating has to be crunchy, easy to prepare and appealing to look at. Combined with our experience with cooked meat and our expertise in binding water, we develop the perfect bite for fish, meat, poultry and vegetarian products. This development is always in accordance with your needs.

Home-style batters and coatings

Our home-style batters and coatings give your product the experience of a product coated at home, giving them uniquely soft crisp and light textures.

The coating is suitable for deep fry, impingement oven, pan fry and oven fry. Our recently developed chip-shop batter is based on traditional handmade tempura for Fish & Chips.

It combines a unique crispiness with a dedicated light eating texture. The solution has a high pick-up on fish products (up to 45%) and instead of adding water you can also add fresh beer to create a beer batter.

Coated-chicken filet

Depending on your requirements, we will tailor our coating system to your needs.

We have a range of standard batters and coatings and crumbs – proven recipes that do the trick. Cost efficient and with a premium perception that completes your product. Whether the coating has to be red, yellow or neutral, or whether the crumbs have to be fine or coarse, we have the solution you are looking for.

The key to the success of our customers is that we help them to differentiate. To support our customers, we have developed a range of specialities. In line with trends, we have developed solutions that are allergen-free, based on ancient grains, surprisingly tasty or extremely crunchy, and suitable for preparing in an oven.

Whatever you request, together we can develop the perfect solution.

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