Food Safety

Food safety is a major topic in the European food industry, as it has been for a long time. However, while the industry has dramatically increased its standards over the last decades, the amount of recalls seem to increase. The increasing amount of recalls are maybe not remarkable anymore, but in our opinion one recall is one too much. It will damage the trust of the product and it harms the image of all involved. It seems that food safety incidents lead to a recall quicker, the recalls get more attention in the media, and the consequences are more severe for the parties involved. The incidence of recalls is not officially measured, but if one looks to the amount of RASFF alerts, the European alert system, the number of alert notifications, implying a serious health risk of a product circulating on the market, rose by 9% with 16% more follow-up transmitted (EC, RASFF preliminary annual report, 2017).

We at Vaessen-Schoemaker see an increased level of attention on pathogens in food, such as Lysteria and Salmonella. Correspondingly, our newest range of Vascan food safety products receives a lot of attention. The Vascan range is composed of both clean label ingredients*) and food additive preservatives and antioxidants. It provides the product with an extended shelf life, through microbial reduction, pathogen elimination and antioxidation against rancidity.

*) Clean label: a terminology that refers to a consumer friendly label, so less or no e-numbers.

Vascan 6030:
A natural preparation for the preservation of fresh meat and meat products. Vascan 6030 limits the growth of pathogens and spoilage bacteria. Furthermore it is very neutral in taste and pH which ensures there is no effect on the drip loss and taste of fresh meat.

Vascan 6044:
A preservative based on LAE (Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate) and is only permitted for use in heat treated meat products. Vascan 6044 is bactericidal(killing) against most spoilage bacteria, yeasts, moulds and pathogens. Vascan 6044 uses salt as a carrier for optimal distribution throughout the meat product.