Food safety: regulatory enforcement increases

Despite the fact your HACCP-system is in good order and your production facility is clean, there is often still a great risk of cross-contimination. The popularity of prepared products is still increasing. A great opportunity for you, at the same time a big risk. During the slicing, before packaging, the risk of cross-contaminations is the highest. This is reflected in the number of recalls last year.

With the implementation of EC 2073/2005, combined with a reduced acceptance of recalls by retail and consumers, local authorities are strengthening their enforcement. EC2073-2005 demands challenge tests on listeria for ready-to-consume products, if deemed necessary. Products with additional protection result in safer products, and reduce the risk of recalls and issues.
The amount of alerts remains high according to RASFF (European Union, Rapid Alert System Food and Feed).

To meet the stricter requirements and to prevent recalls, Vaessen-Schoemaker offers a broad range of preservation & shelf-life extenders, our so called Vascan range. We have solutions act as a killer- and or as a hurdle technology. See our website for the latest preservation & shelf-life extenders concepts. Or contact your Sales Manager.