Do you have Listeria under control?

European guidelines show increased demands for robustness of end products. This results in extra obligations for companies that produce foodstuff and end products for the European market.

Listeria Monocytogenes is a well-known threat in the food processing industry. There is a trend of increased enforcement in this area. Businesses in the food processing industry have two options to comply to these guidelines. This can be done through a challenge test in which a product stays within shelf life with an outgrowth of < log 2, or only by using predictive modelling (e.g. FSSP/Combase) when the outgrowth of Listeria stays below log 0.5..

Choose quality, expertise and innovation
Vaessen-Schoemaker has extensive knowledge in this area. Due to more than 70 years of experience and an innovative hurdle technology we are able to meet industry standards. By controlling pathogen growth or reducing it, we increase product safety and shelf life. Thanks to our excellent application, our products can be easily used in your production process through injection, tumbling, soaking and dosing for meat, fish and vegetarian products. Besides, our products are neutral in taste and do not affect your end products.

Shelf life graph

Vaessen-Schoemaker’s benefits

  • Unique and tailor-made shelf life solutions for every customer
  • Up to 48% longer shelf life
  • Optimally preventing outgrowth of Listeria Monocytogenes
  • Expertise in predicting challenge tests
  • Innovative technologies that are suitable for your applications
  • Clean label products (Vascan range)

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