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100% plant-based casing

Innovative casing concepts for the industrial sausage processing industry

Vaessen-Schoemaker provides you with an innovative and advanced casing: Agergel alginate casing, produced at Agersol. The Agergel casing is 100% plant-based and is used for the stuffing of various types of sausages and allows for continuous sausage production using co-extrusion. Agergel is compatible with all major sausage equipment in the industry.

Advantages of Agergel

Agergel improves the speed of your production process, independent of your type of sausage and its calibre. Also, it excels in strength and flexibility, while preserving an amazing appearance, bite and taste. Therefore, it can be used for the most challenging applications, such as high speed fresh sausage production, or twisting and linking of dried meat snacks such as Kabanossi. Our Agergel casings are suitable for every situation and sausage product offering you a superior cost-in-use compared to natural casings while matching their natural appearance.

    Agergel RC01

    Our Sausage Solution - The New Alternative for Sausages

    Due to known issues with natural casings more and more fresh sausage producers are looking for alternatives to natural casings. Over the years, we’ve been developing suitable alternatives based on alginate. With our improvements in this area we now can offer a sustainable solution. If you are interested in this improvement in product and production efficiency; Vaessen-Schoemaker is your partner.

    For 75 years we have been developing solutions for the sausage industry– we know the inside and the outside. In this solution we use our alginate casing which is 100% plant-based and perfectly suitable for continuous co-extrusion. Compared to natural casings an alginate casing offers a lower cost-in-use, a high speed continuous production process and less waste – making it a sustainable solution.

    Key benefits of our Sausage Solutions

    • Superior cost-in-use compared to natural casings
    • Continuous sausage production
    • Vegan casing
    • Price stability
    • Quick browning during preparation
    • One ready-to-use gel suitable for different types of calibers
    • Suitable for high speed, twisting and linking on various co-extrusion lines
    • A sustainable investment -> less waste

    Agergel is suitable for various types of sausages:

    • Dried
    • Semi-dried
    • Cooked
    • Fresh
    • Breakfast
    • Fermented
    • Roasted
    • Barbecue
    • Chipolata
    • Skinless
    • Plant-based
    • Pet food
    Dried sausage

    With the cooperation between Agersol and Vaessen-Schoemaker we combine two strengths: high level customer service and innovation power. Furthermore, it is possible to tailor the product to your specific needs, depending on the used product.  Last but not least: Agergel has a low cost-in-use.

    Our Natuvas™ solution

    With our clean label Natuvas™ solution for meat dough stability, we have been able to upgrade moisture retention, resulting in less shrinkage and drip loss during preparation, creating juicer and tastier sausages with perfect casing adhesion.

    By combining with our Agergel™ RC series, with improved appearance and bite, we are able to develop with you the perfect alternative for a fresh sausage in natural casing.


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