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Injection & tumbling solutions

Innovative and functional clean label concepts for the poultry processing industry

Vaessen-Schoemaker offers a broad range of functional solutions for injection and tumbling for the poultry processing industry for both fresh and cooked meat products. The extension of chicken breast fillets by 10 to 20% results in products that are juicier and more tender, and therefore more appreciated by consumers. Vaessen-Schoemaker has invested heavily in recent years in developing phosphate-free and clean-label injection and tumbling products, optimizing taste, drip-loss and appearance. Our innovative concepts add value to your products: whether you want to achieve more yield, extend the shelf-life and stop the growth of listeria, or create a great taste and appearance experience of your product.

Taste from within, a brand new concept!

Chicken meat has a healthy image and is a key ingredient in many dishes, but when it is consumed cold, the flavour of chicken could be much stronger.

Consumers experience the meat’s texture and visually attractiveness, but it lacks the distinct taste of cooked chicken meat. Our solutions bring back the authentic chicken taste to cold meat.

It is therefore ideal for salad meat. With our ‘Taste from within’ concept we add a cooking profile (boiled, roasted or grilled) to a prepared product, restoring or enhancing the taste of the product. Adding value to your product and creating a customer preference.

    Product range

    Functional, phosphate-free brine application for injection and tumbling of fresh poultry. These functional mixes contribute to higher yields and improve the quality of the meat product.

    – Whole muscle and bone-in products
    – Fresh & frozen
    – Extension: 10-75%
    – Injection and tumbling

    A clean label solution for the injection or tumbling of fresh poultry. Natuvas aids in achieving an extended product with a natural appearance and taste, while minimising drip loss.

    – Whole muscle and bone-in products
    – Fresh, frozen & cooked products
    – Extension: 10-75%
    – Injection and tumbling

    Functional injection and tumbling mixes containing phosphates to optimize texture and yield in cooked products.

    – Whole muscle and bone-in products
    – Cooked products
    – Extension: 10-75%
    – Injection and tumbling

    The extension of shelf-life is a feature which can be incorporated into our functional mixes or added separately. The latter is referred to as Vascan. The Vascan range is composed of both clean label ingredients and food additive preservatives and antioxidants. It provides the product with an extended shelf-life through microbial reduction, pathogen elimination and antioxidation against rancidity.

    – Vascan can be applied to all product categories.

    Functional dry marinades which can be applied by mixing or tumbling to the poultry product, resulting in tasteful products with an attractive appearance.

    – Whole muscle and bone-in products
    – Ideal for use in combination with  Alomine and Natuvas
    – Fresh product

    Injection and tumbling concepts

    Clean label with better return
    for fresh meat or to reduce cooking losses

    Within this concept, we have developed several ranges: Alomine, Vascan and Natuvas (our clean-label brand). To achieve yield improvement, or prevent drip loss or cooking loss, Vaessen-Schoemaker has developed phosphate-free and clean-label solutions for poultry. Naturally, all concepts can be geared towards the needs, demands and processes of the poultry processing industry. The concepts offer a host of options in terms of extension, declaration and application (injection/tumbling).
    A liquid range, completely clean label, is available for your convenience. Benefits: easily applicable, no investments necessary for a brine system, and easy in use in your production facility. In addition you will achieve a good return and a juicer end-product.

    Natuvas phosphate free yield concept
    Chicken fillet, Dry marination replacement

    Our VascoTaste dry glazes, unlike oil-based marinades, allow you to have a very attractive product presentation due to its excellent drip loss reducing properties.


    Great tasting, looking great

    With our VascoColour we are able to create a golden brown appearance at lower temperatures, reducing your cooking losses. With our Natuvas, we are able to make a juicy product that is dry on the outside. With our VascoTaste, we glaze fresh products, but are also able to create a shiny appearance after cooking.

    Marinade concepts

    Dry marination replacement, no oil in your production

    Upgrade your chicken (products) with our VascoTaste and create a great taste experience and appearance. Add value to your chicken (products). Our marinade concepts will result in attractive, tasty products. During the entire shelf-life, the marinade adheres to the surface of the product so it can be presented attractively. Our dry glazes, unlike oil-based marinades, allow you to have a very attractive product presentation due to their excellent drip loss reducing properties.
    Our VascoTaste range fits perfectly in your current marination or tumbling systems. Our dry glaze enables you to ban oil marinades, resulting in easily applicable marinades in your production facility, less cost and time for cleaning and fast changeover times.

    Filling concepts

    Oozing at the right time

    Our filling solutions offer the opportunity for differentiation and variation in the meat segment. Our bake- and freeze-stable fillings offer our customer the option of adding taste, nutrition and experience to their products. Our VascoFill is available in different flavour profiles and can be customized to any preference.

    Shelf-life concepts

    Clean label shelf-life extender, up to 30-50% longer shelf-life

    Preservation is not only about spoilage, it’s also about maintaining consumer preference over the course of the shelf-life. Using the latest ingredient technology and extensive know-how, we have developed the Vascan range. The extension of shelf-life is a feature which can be incorporated into our functional blends or added separately. Vascan provides products with an extended shelf-life, through microbial reduction, pathogen elimination and anti-oxidation against rancidity.

    Effect of Vascan 6030 on the shelf-life of injected chicken fillet

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