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Injection, tumbling & Dipping solutions

Innovative clean label concepts for the fish and seafood processing industry

We know the challenges the fish and seafood processing industry is facing. Challenges relating to smoked salmon and cooked shrimps, for example, but also to white fish and mussels. In terms of quality objectives, your fish and seafood must meet all kinds of requirements. Keeping products safe, with a good taste and recognizable ingredients. But how do you distinguish your products in addition to all these requirements? Our innovative concepts add value to your products: whether you want to achieve more yield, extend the shelf-life and stop the growth of listeria, or create a great taste and appearance experience of your product.

Vascan 6035 | Mussels deserve better

Vascan 6035 is an all natural preservative, which is very efficient at slowing down microbial growth in the excretion.

How often do your fresh mussels end up in a bin unnecessary? Unfortunately we can’t affect the behaviour of consumers, but we can assure the most optimal condition of the mussels in packaging (MAP).

Our newest Vascan product can organoleptically increase the shelf life of MAP/container bivalves for several days. By stopping the natural (protein) excretion from living mussels from rotting, Vascan naturally prevents the formation of nasty smells and food waste.

    Product range

    Functional mix of ingredients for fresh fish to be submerged in.
    Results in a better return, reduces glazing losses, reduces drip losses, while the fish looks natural.

    – Fresh fish and shellfish
    – Fresh or frozen
    – Extension
    – Submersion

    Functional mix of ingredients to inject fresh fish. Results in a better return, reduces glazing losses, reduces drip losses, while the fish looks natural.

    – Fresh fish
    – Extension: 1 – 20%
    – Injection

    A clean label solution for injecting or dipping fresh fish and shellfish. Natuvas fish contributes to the optimisation of the water-retaining qualities, while the natural properties,such as flavour and appearance, of the fish are preserved.
    Thanks to the presence of natural antioxidants, fat oxidation in this innovative range can be prevented.

    – Fresh fish and shellfish
    – Fresh or frozen
    – Extension: 1 – 10%
    – Injection or dipping

    Shelf life is about keeping your products attractive and safe. The Vascan range extends shelf life and stops the outgrowth of pathogens. From surface treatment to reducing colony-forming units, but also combating fat oxidation. Together with you, we analyze your product, use simulation models on outgrowth and create the right solution for your challenge in order to create optimal food safety and attractiveness.

    – Vascan can be used in all product
    categories and has proven its functionality in several applications.
    – From fresh fish to shellfish.

    Injection/dipping concepts

    Clean label and a better product

    Within this concept, we have developed two ranges: Pescamine and Natuvas (our clean-label brand). We use functional ingredients to enhance fresh and frozen fish and seafood. This yields bigger returns and reduces drip losses, but also safeguards the natural appearance and and improved taste. These concepts offer a host of options in terms of extension, declaration and application (injection/dipping). Naturally, all concepts can be geared towards the needs, demands and procedures of the fish and seafood processing industry.
    A liquid range, completely clean label, is available for your convenience. Benefits: easily applicable, no investments necessary for a brine system, and easy in use in your production facility.

    Comparison between Pescamine 190, Natuvas 253 and a comparable product from the industry with the submersion of cod fillet

    Time in minutes

    Marinade concepts

    With our marinade concept you are able to create a great taste experience and appearance.

    Marinade concepts

    Dry glaze without oil

    This concept is specially developed to add value to your fish (products) and seafood. With our marinade concept, you are able to create a great taste experience and appearance. From ‘just’ a fish fillet or shrimps, to a meal centrepiece. Boost your fish into a premium culinary experience. Our marinade concepts will result in attractive, tasty products. During the entire shelf-life, the marinade adheres to the surface of the product and can be presented attractively. Our dry glazes, unlike oil-based marinades, allow you to have a very attractive product presentation due to their excellent drip loss reducing properties.

    Ready meal concepts

    Under any condition a juicy end-product

    We have developed this concept to serve specific markets (the aviation industry, for instance). It allows you to distinguish your products from your competitors. Your product does not dehydrate, despite the difficult conditions. Your product will be tender and juicy.

    fish and seafood - salmon injected

    The flavour and natural appearance are preserved, while the shelf-life is optimised in terms of microbial decay and fat oxidation.

    Shelf-life concepts

    Clean label shelf-life extender, up to 30-50% longer shelf-life

    Within this concept, we have developed the Vascan range (also available in a clean-label version) with the specific aim of extending the shelf-life of fish. The functional mix of ingredients reduces the overall colony-forming unit and stops the growth of listeria. This concept can be applied to fresh fish, fish products or shellfish. Vascan improves the taste and natural appearance while the shelf-life is extended.

    Organoleptic Shelf-life of Bivalves
    Amount of days in MAP which the Product smells Fresh

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