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Fillings, toppings and sauces

Co-extrusion fillings and fillings, toppings and sauces for plant-based products.

We’ve seen roughly the same trends persisting for years, often in a new form, with different nuances, but they are all about natural, green, clean label, tasty, indulgent, safe, trustworthy – you name it. We at Vaessen-Schoemaker love to be ahead of these trends. But one trend is common of all of them – changing eating habits. In line with this development, we have created new concepts for the growing convenience and plant-based industry. Concepts for a co-extrusion line or a lamination line, which create a tasteful product (like filled meatballs) and above all ensures a stable filling. Besides the co-extrusion fillings, we have also developed several fillings, toppings and sauces for plant-based products. Add value to your product with these concepts and your products will be distinct from the majority in the market.

Co-extrusion – the way of making differentiating concepts

Multi-component food is an excellent way to meet surging demand in snacking and grazing concepts.

We see intense interest in filled products. One example is filled meatballs, whether from meat or from a plant-based dough. Sauce inside the meat ball: creating endless ways to make new products. It’s a challenging process though: shrinking properties of meat, a sauce at the right temperature, nicely oozing when cutting, not leaking. Vaessen-Schoemaker just created the ideal system for the meat, the filling, and for co extrusion and lamination lines.


    Convenient snacks with different fillings. Create unique products for each market.

    Make your plant-based product more appetizing

    Vegetarian, flexitarian, carnivore you name it: they all want convenience products that are attractive. We have created concepts with different kinds of textures, with sliceable sauces that are convenient in your production, creating multi-texture masterpieces. Toppings, fillings, high vegetable inclusions – you name it – easy applicable in current production lines. In line with today’s and tomorrow’s taste trends.

    Some recent examples: What about a convenient snacks with excellent taste? Discover these (plant-based) concepts: cold-formable veggie fillings and a poultry type structure filling.

    Snack dough

    With our ingredients and knowledge, combining bakery and protein experience, we are able to make all kinds of new convenience snack concepts. Sweet or savoury. What about an extra dessert such as a coconut cream filled dough product for your Quick service restaurant that fits into your in-store preparation? What about a pizza snack that does not mess up the consumer’s clothes when they drive away from the gas station. Let us inspire you.

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    Vegetable sausage

    Vegan sausage with up to 70% vegetables.

    Creating the right BITE for your hybrid or plant-based products

    Vaessen-Schoemaker were the ones in 1946 to invent the right bite for sausage production. It is all about binding, and understanding protein sources. With our decades of experience, we bind your vegetable protein into an appetizing, juicy plant-based meal centerpiece or convenience-store snack! And of course, phosphate and e-number free.

    Double burger Tex Mex

    Cold formable concept with plant or meat base and differentiating toppings.

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