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Innovative filling and dough concepts for the industrial bakery.

With the creation of the Bakery Squad in 2011, lots of experience was combined and this propelled Vaessen-Schoemaker further into the convenience industry with successful and proven concepts. Combining taste, technology, know-how and experience. We became famous with our fillings for bakery and convenience food. In multiple forms and concentrations. Whether it’s about the perfect cheese filling oozing at the right time, yeast-free dough products, gluten-free puff pastry or a peanut-free satay sauce. Vaessen-Schoemaker adds value to your product so you can distinguish yourself in this competitive market. Ofcourse our industrial bakery concepts meet all well-known requirements, such as clean label, allergen-free or gluten-free.

New innovative concepts | Gluten free puff pastry & peanut free satay sauce

New innovative concepts for the industrial bakery industry are gluten-free puff pastry or a peanut-free satay sauce. These days, allergens are something to be aware of. Vaessen-Schoemaker therefore developed a gluten-free puff pastry which is nice and crispy and can be produced on an industrial line (Rademaker, for example).

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    NexGenDo dough with savoury filling

    NexGenDo dough with savoury filling

    VascoFill - Filling concepts

    Easy-to-use, cost efficient and great taste

    Our bakery experts have developed fillings which are also available in clean label. Absolutely bake-stable and with a full and rich flavour. VascoFill is freeze-thaw stable and is excellent to use in industrial preparation of all imaginable bakery snacks, from filled (cheese) rolls, topping on baguettes or hamburgers, savoury Danish and puff pastries, to filled croissants. Our filling concepts form a stable basis for products to which your own signature ingredients can be added.
    Various flavour profiles are available. Our most successful savoury fillings at this moment are: our economic and superior (cream) cheese fillings, spinach with white cheese, fresh cheese with herbs. In addition, we also have sweet fillings like chocolate, fruit and cheese cake.

    NexGenDo - Dough concepts

    Yeast replacement

    Our yeast-free solution for bread snacks is a combination of innovative baking powders with the full functionality of yeast. Including the specific flavour sensation and cell structure. Simply and directly applicable in soft-snack dough products without proofing time. A proven Freezer-to-oven concept. The dough can be baked and frozen as bake-off directly after shaping and, where required, decorating. The products can be heated straight from the freezer without defrosting first. This concept is usually applied to bread sticks, pizzas, filled snacks and bagels.

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