Achieve over 100% yield on green weight with a clean label

What if you don’t need phosphate anymore to achieve a high cooking yield? With our improved NatuvasTM concepts, you can! This concept offers a threefold effect and is the substitute to phosphate.

Based on recent scares in food safety, your customers demand a higher minimum core temperature of your cooked products. On the other hand, consumers prefer cleaner labels and tastier products. We have solved this paradox!

Phosphate-free cooking yield concept

Compared to traditional yield solutions with phosphates, our NatuvasTM concepts not only add value to your end products, but also preserve a juicy and authentic meat structure. Even at a core temperature over 82°C. Depending on your needs and processes we adjust this concept in terms of extension, declaration and application (injection/tumbling).

Succesful implementation

Vaessen-Schoemaker not only provides you with tailored solutions, but also supports you with successfully implementing it into your production facility, optimize process efficiency and guarantee maximum result.

Natuvas – The benefits

  • Free of phosphate and E numbers
  • Over 100% yield on green weight at 82°C core temperature
  • Juicier end products with excellent taste
  • Maintaining an authentic bite
  • Easy to use: applicable in existing production lines
  • Suitable for all poultry and red meat products
  • Natural taste and meat structure

Natuvs phosphate free cooking yield concept


Prevent pathogens
At Vaessen-Schoemaker, we are true functionality experts and understand that cooked end products are susceptible to pathogens like salmonella and listeria. We are happy to help you with these challenges!