Vaessen-Schoemaker - the functionality experts.

Vaessen-Schoemaker (1946) is a specialist in the field of functional ingredients, from appearance, to yield, taste and preservation.

Our innovative and enterprising approach has resulted in unique functional solutions for the poultry, meat, fish & seafood, bakery  and convenience & vegetarian industries. These solutions greatly enhance the market value of our national and international customers.

Vaessen-Schoemaker places a high priority on productsupport, making its technology centres available for injection and tumbling tests and bakery innovation sessions and also providing on-site support. Our solutions are a proven success and perfectly adjusted to the needs of our customers and their specific processes. We provide our customers with concepts, knowledge and the right products to differentiate.

Company history

Innovation since 1946

Vaessen-Schoemaker was founded in 1946 by Hubert Vaessen and his son-in-law Paul Schoemaker. They were very innovative in their day, discovering, for instance, the effects of the binding properties of phosphates in meat, and this innovative spirit is still present in the company. 74 years of experience, knowledge and technological developments have resulted in many successful and proven concepts that meet current market trends and consumer demands. New developments in the chain, whether it is a new interesting ingredient, changes in legislation, or specific needs from the food service, we are able to translate every development into distinctive concepts that add value to your product.

Your partner for co-creating unique concepts

With 25% percent of our team working on application and development every day, Vaessen-Schoemaker is always on trend with the latest developments. Our R&D team has extensive experience to support you from the first stages of concept development to the final production stage. We are your partner for co-creating a distinctive product range for the food market.

To demonstrate the possibilities our products, we regularly share our newest developments through our newsletter and LinkedIn page.

Quality / food safety

the highest priority within Vaessen-Schoemaker

Vaessen-Schoemaker is passionate about being the best. That means delivering quality, but quality means more to us than just the quality of the product. Quality means that we deliver on time. It also means that we respond promptly to your questions. In short, we provide quality in every aspect. Vaessen-Schoemaker is BRC level AA certified.

Our passion

Most companies write about their mission and vision. We just have a passion. We want to be the best in what we do. What we do: we create innovative food concepts and supply you with the ingredients and knowledge that help you be the best too.

Our sales team

Vaessen-Schoemaker is an open, approachable company. Please feel free to contact any of us.

Got any questions? Contact our sales team on +31 570 500 840