A great taste experience without oil in your production

Dry marination using the moist of the shrimps or of your process.

With our VascoTaste range we bring you:

  • A premium visual and sensory performance
  • An improved margin
  • A dry marination, using the moist from the shrimps to create a coating, or by adding moist
  • Preventing moisture in the packaging
  • An easy applicable marinade, no more oil

Example of oil marinade replacement with VascoTaste:

Oil marinade cost in use ~ € 0,40/kg. shrimps. VascoTaste ~ € 0,20/ kg. shrimps
Saving when using VascoTaste per 100.000 kg. shrimps: € 20.000 without any investments


Upgrade your products with our VascoTaste and create great taste experiences and appearance. Our marinade will result in attractive, tasty products. During the entire shelf-life, the marinade presents attractively by adhering to the surface of the product. Our dry glazes, unlike oil-based marinades, allow you to have a very attractive product presentation due to its excellent drip-loss reducing properties.

Our VascoTaste range fits perfectly in your current marination or tumbling systems. Our dry glaze, enables you to ban oil marinades, which results in:

  • Easily processable marinades in your production facility
  • Less costs and time for cleaning
  • Fast changeover times
  • Longer shelf life due to a dry powder concept

The benefits of using VascoTaste over oil based marinades are:

  • VascoTaste is highly cost effective
  • Perfect visual- and taste performance
  • VascoTaste works perfectly with ‘a water based’ environment as a shrimp; oil in a water rich environment creates a mess

Other functional solutions for shrimps:

  • Reducing cooking loss and add value to your shrimps with our Pescamine or Natuvas (clean label) range.
  • Extending the shelf-life and stop the growth of pathogens with our Vascan range. The flavour and natural appearance are preserved, while the shelf-life in terms of microbial decay and fat oxidation is optimized.