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Discover our latest concepts that aid businesses in securing a sustainable position within the meat processing industry.

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Over 30 industrial trials with our latest green concepts

Over 30 (new) clients are performing industrial trials with our latest GREEN concepts that were launched at IFFA 2019, ranging from cooking time reduction for sous-vide and our green sausage, to vegetarian nugget production. We are happy to see an increasing number of companies that shift toward sustainable concepts and solutions in the processing industry. […]
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Do you have Listeria under control?

European guidelines show increased demands for robustness of end products. This results in extra obligations for companies that produce foodstuff and end products for the European market. Listeria Monocytogenes is a well-known threat in the food processing industry. There is a trend of increased enforcement in this area. Businesses in the food processing industry have […]
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Vaessen-Schoemaker is Riskplaza Audit + certified

Vaessen-Schoemaker is all about delivering quality in every aspect. From February 18, Vaessen-Schoemaker B.V. is a RiskPlaza Audit + certified company. This is an additional and voluntary module on top of our existing BRC certification. The RiskPlaza Audit + is focussed on assessing the full and demonstrable control of typical and harmful risks in food […]
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