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Our Natuvas Solution: Minimalize your drip loss while optimizing the holding time

Minimalize your drip loss while optimizing the holding time resulting in great tasting and juicy end products for consumers. How to minimalize drip loss and improve yield is a continuous topic for the food industry, whereas retailers and home delivery services are focusing on how to optimize holding time while preserving a great taste. With […]
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Vegan BBQ: tasty products for winter and summer BBQ’s

We have developed a unique vegan BBQ line. These products are made with our VascoVega line, showcasing the possibilities of our building block system. You can use the complete concept or only take the parts you need to give your concepts that little bit extra in a short and easy development process! These vegan BBQ foods are perfectly suitable for […]
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We wish you a happy 2021!

Thanks to all our clients and partners for collaborating with us! We wish you all a happy new year and look forward to celebrating our 75th anniversary in 2021.
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