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Achieve over 100% yield on green weight with a clean label

What if you don’t need phosphate anymore to achieve a high cooking yield? With our improved NatuvasTM concepts, you can! This concept offers a threefold effect and is the substitute to phosphate. Based on recent scares in food safety, your customers demand a higher minimum core temperature of your cooked products. On the other hand, […]
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The vegan market continues to grow – we fuel growth with new concepts

NEW: a soy free range suitable for cold and warm end products. An increasing number of people skip meat products in their eating habits from time to time. After our ‘Green Premiere’ at IFFA, we are continuously developing alternative protein products. We keep improving our vegan product ranges in order to come up with innovative […]
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*POSITION FILLED* – We’re hiring: Account / Sales Manager (m/f) – Convenience and vegetarian

Vaessen-Schoemaker is an internationally active, rapidly growing company located in Deventer. Vaessen-Schoemaker is not just a food ingredient supplier. For over 70 years we think in market oriented concepts for the food industry, strongly grounded in technology. We are a partner for our customers, we develop the full concept, and eventually become their core ingredient […]
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