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The Future of Meat is Green

Consumer awareness on nutritional aspects is not a trend – it will bring a long-lived demand for ‘green foods’. We embrace and support this change. Our goal was to develop a range of healthier, tasty and sustainable snacks. Thanks to the perseverance of our food engineers we proudly present a full range of delicious vegetable […]
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Our Sausage Solution – The Alternative fresh Sausage

Combining our Agergel with an improved meat dough stability. For an optimized juicier and tastier fresh sausage. We proudly present our concept of the alternative fresh sausage Due to known issues with natural casings more and more fresh sausage producers are looking for alternatives to natural casings. Over the years, we’ve been developing the perfect […]
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Our Natuvas Solution: Minimalize your drip loss while optimizing the holding time

Minimalize your drip loss while optimizing the holding time resulting in great tasting and juicy end products for consumers. How to minimalize drip loss and improve yield is a continuous topic for the food industry, whereas retailers and home delivery services are focusing on how to optimize holding time while preserving a great taste. With […]
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